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Tally Certification

Paid Online Tally Test @ only Rs.450


Getting this Certificate/Scorecard in Tally is especially good for those who…

  • Already have good working knowledge of Tally & Accounting, but do not have a valid Tally CERTIFICATE or
  • Have a certificate from any institute other than an authorized TallyAcademy , which is not considered as a valid credentials by most employers looking for Tally Professionals
  • Have got certified in older versions ( before Tally 9 ERP) of Tally.
  • Want to simply wish to upgrade their credentials for promotions and better jobs


Instructions for Paid Online Tally Test:

  • First register yourself at the TallyAcademy online portal (membership is Free). Click here here to Register
  • Make the necessary payment (payment instruction are given below)
  • After making the payment , please send the following details to
  • Your Full Name (As you want it to appear in the certificate), contact number and address
  • Email that you used to register at the Tally Academy Portal
  • Details of payment made, Cheque Number, Bank Name, Date
  • The topics that you want to get tested/certified for
  • After the confirmation of payment, your online exam ID along with the procedure to take the Online Tally Test will be sent to you by email.
  • Your exam Id will be valid for a complete week from the date of issue. So you will have to appear for the online test at anytime you so desire within that week.
  • Exam result (%) will appear as soon as you complete the online Tally Test.
  • The printed score card/certificate (Click here to view sample certificate) will be issued and couriered to your postal address, within fortnight form the day of exam.
  • The validity of the certificate is 2 years.


For more about Tally Certification click here

The Upcoming Release, Tally.ERP 9 Series A, Release 3.6


New feature of upcoming release 3.6 as below :

  •  Always be ‘AuditReady : 
    • Revised Schedule VI:
      • Generates the complete revised Sch. VI Balance Sheet, P&L and annexure
      • Bifurcate, assign and move ledger amounts to appropriate Schedule VI heads
      • Drill down to voucher level from all Sch. VI reports & notes
    • Tax Audit:
      • Form 3CD, 3CA & 3CB
      • Annexure to all the clauses
      • Specifying/identifying financial data for all clauses
    • Stat Audit:
      • Verification of opening balances, general ledger analysis / scrutiny
      • Clean up redundant masters, negative cash & inventory balances
      • Identify transactions with related parties and MSME
      • Account reconciliation (auto & manual)
      • Third Party confirmations
      • Audit journals
      • CARO report
  •  Banking : 
    • Cheque Management:
      • Auto cheque numbering: No more manual tracking, no more duplicates
      • Support customer & supplier queries: Search vouchers for specific cheque numbers
      • Cheque register: Build an additional layer of control on cheque usage
    • Direct support for Cheque printing:
      • Pre-configured cheque printing: For each bank accept the right image of the cheque to automatically configure Tally.ERP 9 to print on such cheques
      • Vertical/Horizontal Cheque Printing: Full support for printers that require cheque leaves to be in a specific alignment
    • Auto Bank Reconciliation:
      • Automatic reconciliation: Import your bank statements & reconcile with single click
      • Differences: Instantly create or alter a transaction to reconcile
      • Manual: Full or partial manual reconciliation is supported
  • Tally Live Update
    • Get notified and install updates (product & statutory) at the click of a button
    • Optionally schedule the update at a time you define
  • Tally Message Centre
    • Receive regular news from Tally and stay up to date with information on
      • Product releases
      • Subscriptions
      • Add-ons
      • Statutory updates and extensions
  • Enhanced Password Security
    • Define your security policy in line with accepted global practices
      • Specify password strength
      • Mandate password to be changed periodically
      • Prevent old password reuse
      • Mandatory password change on first login


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Updated : Tally Prices from 16th April, 2012


Checkout the current ( before April 16th, 2012) and the New Price List :

Current Price
(until 15th April)
New Price
(from 16th April)
Tally.ERP 9 Silver 13,500.00 18,000.00
Tally.ERP 9 Gold 40,500.00 54,000.00
Shoper 9 Silver 13,500.00 18,000.00
Shoper 9 Gold
Shoper 9 Diamond
Tally.NET Subscription (Silver)
Tally.NET Subscription (Gold)
All prices are MRP in INR, Inclusive of taxes