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Create a new company with similar Features and Configuration

Creating two or more companies with same F11: Features and F12: Configuration settings

  • Create a company
  • Set F11: Features and F12: Configuration as desired
  • Keep the company loaded and create another company


  • The new company will have the same settings (Same configuration and features)

Opening balance for Input Tax Credit

How to  provide the opening balance for Input Tax Credit in a new Company?

Yes, it is possible to provide the Opening Balance for Input Tax Credit in a newly created company by giving the amount in the Opening Balance field followed by Dr for the Input VAT Ledger grouped under Duties & Taxes and Type of Duty/Tax as VAT. The opening balance will be displayed in the VAT Computation and the respective Forms. Selection of Vat/Tax class is optional.

Flash Demo – Job Costing in Tally ERP 9

How to enable and capture job costing details in Tally
How to record consumption of materials for the job
How to get job report for each Job
How to compare and analyse Jobs

Free Demo is available from Tally Solutions India Pvt Ltd

Please see the following link for download the same :