How to Become a Tally Partner

  Good News for those who are looking to be a part of authorised TallyAcademy Eduction Network

Your institute can become a TallyAcademy by applying for an audit, which is mandatory for the Stamp of Approval. The Stamp of Approval would earn your institute the identity of a TallyAcademy. This will be based on the result of the audit. There are certain quality criteria that your institute should meet to get the Stamp of Approval from Tally. A TallyAcademy will be subjected to periodic quality audits. By becoming an authorized TallyAcademy, your institute can benefit in multiple ways:

Benefits of a TallyAcademy

  1. Through our Quality Audit, recommendations would be provided to help you optimise your resources and enhance profitability.
  2. Your institute has the freedom to create your own courses that would help to address your market requirement.
  3. Your institute will be allowed to issue your own certificates with the TallyAcademy Logo to students who successfully complete courses.
  4. Your institute will gain visibility as an authorized TallyAcademy, on the Tally web site
  5. Your institute would be the preferred choice as execution partners for Government and corporate contracts, since you have the endorsement of Tally as a quality training centre


Quality Audit Parameters

In order to ensure that students are always provided with quality training, a TallyAcademy is evaluated on a periodic basis on the following parameters:

Infrastructure: The infrastructure of the centre should be such that it is conducive for learning. Our Audit will help you identify the gaps and help you to improve

Counseling: Entire process of counseling will be audited to ensure proper guidance to enquiries at the counseling desk. This would lead to proper career guidance & increased enquiry satisfaction which in turn will increase conversion ration

Course Content: You are allowed to create your own courses to meet market requirement. Through audit we will check and help you improve the courses to successfully meet market requirements

Certification Process: The process followed in distribution of participation/course completion certificate. The assessment tests conducted by the academy and certificates issuance process will also be evaluated here. This will help you in ensuring that the deserving candidate is only issued certificate

Complaint Redressal System: Customer satisfaction is the prime importance. We will evaluate the process of complaint handling and help you in improving customer/student satisfaction

Faculty: A good faculty is the biggest factor in success of any institute. Audit will help you identify the gaps and improve which would increase enrollments through positive referrals

Placement: Efficient placement assistance leads to increased WOM & enquiry conversions. Through Audit we will help you in evaluating quality of placement and scope of improvement

For more details about TallyAcademy Franchise click here

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