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Tally Online Certification

Paid Online Exam
…Get a Certificate on any Topic and prove your credentials!

Tally Online Certification

  • You can obtain a certificate of your Test Score by taking the Paid Online Tally Test (in one or more Tally subjects mentioned below).
  • A certificate from Tally Academy will additionally help you to prove your domain specific Tally and Accounting credentials.
  • These test(s) could also be used by Employers as a test of Tally & Accounting knowledge for their prospective employees.

Tally Certification Topics

Topics Exam fees (INR) Sample Certificate
Accounts Executive Rs 450 View Certificate
Accounts Manager Rs 1350 View Certificate
Godown Manager Rs 900 View Certificate
Godown Keeper Rs 450 View Certificate
Expert in Taxation (Services Tax, TDS, VAT & CST) Rs 1350 View Certificate
Accounting in Tally.ERP 9 Rs 450 View Certificate
Excise Assistant (Dealers & Manufacturers) Rs 900 View Certificate
Tally Administrator Rs 900 View Certificate
Payroll Rs 450 View Certificate
Service TAX Rs 450 View Certificate
TCS Rs 450 View Certificate
TDS Rs 450 View Certificate
VAT & CST Rs 450 View Certificate


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Tally Certification

Paid Online Tally Test @ only Rs.450


Getting this Certificate/Scorecard in Tally is especially good for those who…

  • Already have good working knowledge of Tally & Accounting, but do not have a valid Tally CERTIFICATE or
  • Have a certificate from any institute other than an authorized TallyAcademy , which is not considered as a valid credentials by most employers looking for Tally Professionals
  • Have got certified in older versions ( before Tally 9 ERP) of Tally.
  • Want to simply wish to upgrade their credentials for promotions and better jobs


Instructions for Paid Online Tally Test:

  • First register yourself at the TallyAcademy online portal (membership is Free). Click here here to Register
  • Make the necessary payment (payment instruction are given below)
  • After making the payment , please send the following details to
  • Your Full Name (As you want it to appear in the certificate), contact number and address
  • Email that you used to register at the Tally Academy Portal
  • Details of payment made, Cheque Number, Bank Name, Date
  • The topics that you want to get tested/certified for
  • After the confirmation of payment, your online exam ID along with the procedure to take the Online Tally Test will be sent to you by email.
  • Your exam Id will be valid for a complete week from the date of issue. So you will have to appear for the online test at anytime you so desire within that week.
  • Exam result (%) will appear as soon as you complete the online Tally Test.
  • The printed score card/certificate (Click here to view sample certificate) will be issued and couriered to your postal address, within fortnight form the day of exam.
  • The validity of the certificate is 2 years.


For more about Tally Certification click here

Available new stat 195 from 26th April, 2013

New Stat.900 Version is available free for existing Tally User

Major Enhancement are :


To comply with the change in VAT rates of Bihar, Gujarat and West Bengal, the appropriate VAT/Tax Classifications for the new VAT rates have been provided. The value of entries recorded using these classifications will be currently captured only in VAT Computation report. In the forthcoming Stat.900 releases, the functionality will be enhanced to capture the values of entries recorded using these classifications in the respective fields of return forms.

Bihar : 

For change in VAT rate from 20% to 30% on tobacco products, the following VAT/Tax classifications are provided:

  • Input VAT @ 30% / Purchases @ 30%
  • Interstate Purchases @ 30%
  • Purchase From URDs – Taxable Goods @ 30%
  • Output VAT @ 30% / Sales @ 30%
  • Output VAT @ 30% to URDs / Sales @ 30% to URDs
  • CST @ 30% / Interstate Sales @ 30%
  • Input Tax Credit on Purchase From URDs @ 30%
  • Purchase Tax @ 30%

Gujarat : 

For change in VAT rate from 22.5% to 27.5% on tobacco products, the following VAT/Tax classifications are provided:

  • Input VAT @ 27.5% / Purchases @ 27.5%
  • Purchase From URDs – Taxable Goods @ 27.5%
  • Input Tax Credit on Purchase From URDs @ 27.5%
  • Purchase Tax @ 27.5%
  • Output VAT @ 27.5% / Sales @ 27.5%

West Bengal: 

For change in VAT rate on goods whose MRP is inclusive of tax, the following VAT/Tax classifications are provided:

  • Input VAT @ 4.76% / Purchases @ 4.76%
  • Input VAT @ 12.66% / Purchases @ 12.66%
  • Interstate Purchases @ 4.76%
  • Interstate Purchases @ 12.66%
  • Purchase From URDs – Taxable Goods @ 4.76%
  • Purchase From URDs – Taxable Goods @ 12.66%
  • Output VAT @ 4.76% / Sales @ 4.76%
  • Output VAT @ 12.66% / Sales @ 12.66%
  • CST @ 4.76% / Interstate Sales @ 4.76%
  • CST @ 12.66% / Interstate Sales @ 12.66%

Punjab : 

  • The list of Trade Names has been updated as per the TradeCommodityName.xls file provided by the Excise and Taxation Department.
  • The e-VAT functionality of Form VAT 18 and 19 has been enhanced as per the latest templates.
  • For increase in VAT rate from 20.5% to 50% on cigarettes, the following VAT/Tax classifications are provided.
  • Input VAT @ 50% / Purchases @ 50%
  • Purchase From URDs – Taxable Goods @ 50%
  • Output VAT @ 50% / Sales @ 50%
  • Purchase Tax @ 50%

The values of entries recorded using these VAT/Tax classifications will be captured in Form VAT 15, 16, 20, 23 and 24.

  • The Form VAT – 2 Challan and Form – II (CST) Challan have been enhanced as per latest statutory requirements.


Service Tax : 

  • The new Form ST-3 has been provided in adherence to notification number – 01/2013-Service Tax of the ACES.
  • New exception report – Update Service Category has been provided in Exception Reports menu to update Taxable Service to respective service category.
    During the period – July to September 2012, as per Department specifications, the service tax on taxable services was accounted as Taxable Service. As per the latest notification, the assessees have to file returns in new Form ST-3 for the same period based on the respective service categories.
    The new Form ST-3 can be generated, after updating the service categories of all  transactions categorised as Taxable Service from Update Service Category report.
  • The Type of Organisation selected in Company Service Tax Details (F11: Features > F3: Statutory & Taxation) gets captured in section A8 of Form ST-3.

Tax Deducted at Source: 

  • In the voucher printing screen of TDS Challan, the options to – print either the party name or name as per PAN and specify the cheque date has been provided. Based on the selection made the name and date will be captured in TDS Challan ITNS 281.


  • In compliance with the Budget 2013-14, the following changes have been incorporated :
    • Income tax deduction (U/s 87A) of an amount equal to hundred per cent of income tax or an amount of ` 2000, whichever is less, for an assessee being an individual resident in India, whose total income does not exceed ` 5,00,000.
    • Surcharge of 10% for individuals whose taxable income exceeds ` 1 crore per year.
    • Income Tax Benefit on interest on Home Loan (First Time Buyer) U/s 80EE for an amount not exceeding ` 1,00,000.

And more….
Release details of Stat.900 version 195 (PDF file)

Download Stat 195